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Our Founders

Jennifer Donoghue

Managing Director

With over 11 years of supply chain recruitment experience under my belt, I began as a trainee at the tender age of 22. I started off working for a market leading supply chain recruitment business, climbing the ranks until I was running my own team, leading to me being asked to set up a UK division.

During this time, I developed a real passion for supply chain and really enjoyed meeting and interviewing the professionals I worked with, wanting to learn as much as I could about the industry.


This ignited my desire to go out and do it for myself, so in 2006 I left the recruitment world to go and put all the theory I had into practice and began working in supply chain and purchasing. A baptism of fire ensued!


For 3 years I worked negotiating and putting contracts in place with suppliers, implementing stock control procedures and running a small warehouse and logistics facility for an SME in the North West. I gained a real valuable insight into the industry before deciding that I missed dealing with a multitude of businesses and individuals and moved back into recruitment.


Back in the recruitment business, after becoming increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with the “scattergun” and impersonal practices of the companies I worked for, I decided to set up JPS Supply Chain with my likeminded partner.


I strongly believe that meeting people in this industry cannot be replaced with looking at a monitor or reading bits of paper. I am passionate about what I do and I have a real love of supply chain. I enjoy keeping up with the on-going changes in the industry, which really helps me understand the professionals I work to assist.


Both the length of time I’ve been in this industry, and my track record of fulfilling my promises, makes me so proud of the extensive and unique network I’ve built. It really does give me an advantage over the competition – however big they may be.


When I’m not recruiting (which as a workaholic is not often!) you can find me playing with my two little boys, engaging in a bit of guitar playing and singing, or immersing myself in a good book!

Paul Swain

Head of Logistics Recruitment

I run the team that takes care of the logistics, warehousing and distribution side of JPS. I believe that this area of supply chain is critical! No matter what goes before this, without this function nothing will ever hit the shelves!

My professional life began in stock control for a major retailer. I then moved on to work for a manufacturing business, where I managed a year of hard labour on the shop floor before moving on to the relative luxury of the drawing office! It was an SME, so my role encompassed many supply chain duties including supplier and customer liaison, production planning and a great deal of logistics.


After 10 years in manufacturing I moved on to the fast paced and diverse world of sales. This is where I honed my customer service skills. The biggest lesson, and one that is of paramount importance in recruitment/logistics, is that the customer’s needs are always satisfied. Listening is a skill that I value greatly. I was the number one sales person within the automotive company I worked for; I put this down to the fact that I listened and therefore understood the needs of my customers. I believe that listening and understanding customers is a huge part of what makes us successful at JPS.


During my professional career I’ve sought assistance from a number of recruitment businesses; almost always disappointed with the level of service I have received and, most of all, the lack of understanding of what it is I do. I set this business up with Jennifer with a real desire to create something different in the recruitment world and bridge that gap between recruiter and supply chain professional.


In my spare time I’m an avid football fan; I love sport in general, especially boxing and golf. I love my music and am a keen Springsteen and Billy Joel fan thanks to my Dad! I’m also the proud father of 5 beautiful and lively boys, which definitely keeps me busy!

Our Team

Fraser Geekie

Senior Consultant

Following a very enjoyable first career in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, I moved into industry in 1989. Initially in manufacturing roles with companies such as Mars, Guinness and Lindt, I progressed into the supply-chain arena, leading to the formation of my own supply-chain consultancy practice in 2001. A Chartered Management Consultant and the architect behind a number of high performing UK and European supply-chains, I have delivered a wide range of supply-chain efficiency projects, enjoyed contributing to a number of articles in national newspapers and industry journals and.

After rubbing shoulders with many of the more recognised (and also some of the more obscure) supply-chain gurus around the world, I realised that the most important element of business problem solving was getting the right people in the right place complete with the right skills and attitudes. Thus I took a natural progression from consultancy into executive recruitment where, since 2013, I have been supporting Executives Online in growing their NW England practice.


JPS is hugely attractive because we share a common vision of the “quality” recruitment process and my true passion has always been in the supply-chain sector where I can bring a deep level of understanding to both the candidate and client dimensions based on robust operational credentials.


Outside work, my interests include being an active member of the IOD Liverpool Regional Committee, Rugby Union (sadly, relegated to the spectators benches), yachting and power-boating, playing some very bad golf and providing extensive money lending facilities to two daughters.